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bad Effects of smoking


  Dengers fo smoking Or, bad Effects of smoking

ls is well kanown to all that smoking is one of the worst habits of man. Yet eighty percent of  our  people are in the habit of smoking. Evrey  a limd of  human body is undoutediy affected  by smoking. Is causes a number of fatal diseases like cancer, heart attack. Chronic bronchitis,gastic  pain, irritation of the eyes offenc of the nose and unsettlement of mind. One puff of cigarette smoke bears fifteen billion particles of injurious things lik nicotine , methyl alcohol,carbon monoxide, arsenic and so many other acods. Smoking is so harmful and hateful that a nonsmoker always tries to avoid the smoker. Smoking decreases the supply of oxygen in all the parts of energy and even is not possible to describe the demerits of smoking in writing. All of in respective of caste, creed, colour , religion, class and age should make a socil revolution against this destructive and disgraceful habit so that we may have a smoking free contry.

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        Climate Change 


Climate Change is meant the change in fact, climate on earth is constantly changing. Because of climate  change, the weather changing that,s why both arer related. Varius factors are responsible for a climate change.These are man-made and natural.The natural causes are variations in solar radiation,orbital variation,ocean variability, volcanising etc.Human  activities are also greatly responsible for a climate change.For habitation and agricultural  purpose, we are cutting down trees and destroying forests.This affects the climate adversely .besides,use of CFC O ‘s and various other  atmosphere.As a result,ther is a rapid increase in earth’s  average  temperature causing greenhouse affect. Clmate change has serious  impact on the life and existence of plants, animals and humans on earth.Because of climate change the glaciers  are melting and the  sea-level is rising.A huge amount of land area on earth is under is under the thret of being inudated by sea wather.This poses a serious threat to  Bangladsh  has to work with the world community to save the earth form the dangerous impacts of clmate change.

3G mobile communication

3G mobile communication 

      3G the latest discovery in mobile  communication  is desined to be digitale mobile multimedia offring bord band mobile communication with voice, video, graphics, audio, and other information.It is the last product of evolutionary, process of  the mobile communication industry. It has more flexibility and instability than ther previous ones.3G  multimedia  services  add high speed data transfer  to mobile devaise,allowing new  video, audio,and  other applications  including  the Internat services therough mobile phones . through this devise,people enjoyvarious  advantages  of the Internate such as antertainment, information collection connecting with any one of the world according to their wish. 3G facilitates several new appcations that have ont previously  been readly available over mobile network dus to the limations in data transmission  speeds. These application range  form web browsing to file transfer to Home these application the ability to remotely access and control in house applition and macense. 3G multimedia is cartenly one fo the gretest devices in cmmunecation.Its importence in our life can be easily percivet .It has made our life easey and  confortabole. But it shold be used properly. Lts misus will bring great harm to the users  especially to the young  generations.

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